Testimony by David MarreroDavid Marrero
I was born in Comuy, Puerto Rico where I was raised in a good environment bye my Christian grandparents. But as I was growing up I started to relate with the wrong people trying to please every body that took me even deeper to the wrong path. It started first with a beer that my father gave me on Thanksgiving day. I was 12 years old, after that cigarettes,marijuana, and drugs. Then at 17 years old I tried cocaine. This drug connected me with a world of drugs and people that it was going to be real hard to get away from. A few years later got introduce to heroine and this was my demise. Then as a drug dealer, I stop caring a bout everything family business and everything that matters to me. I catch a few cases that put me in jail in a cell in Puerto Rico for 6 years. Where I was to do what I have to do to survived. This didn't stop me on getting high, by that time I lost everything my wife, daughters, family the ones that I call my friends and more. I was so blinded by the world but I decided to go back to the old people that I knew this almost got me killed ended up with a shattered bone in my face because we got set up by a good friend that wanted us dead, but by a miracle I survived. After this i went to Delaware where I ended up in a methadone clinic. Little did i know this new lie was going to give me a new family a good job and a lot of open doors but as and addict with no knowledge of my problem went back to use drugs and I what lost everything again. Why? Because i thought i got it under control. This took me to N.Y.C. The world took me to the bottom of the pit. Prostitution, selling drugs and basically everything to get me locked up a few times. Then I went in a program called Phoenix House where they thought me a lot about my self. There I become a counselor by state of N.Y. That didn't last long because besides everything they taught me, they also told me that i was going to be and addict for the rest of my life and i be lived it. I went back to the old me again in the world of drugs and crime. Sometime later I saw myself doing things that i never imagined. I didn't know that people where praying for me believing that God has something better for me. This person was a Christian neighbor named Ruben. He knew this pastor name Jorge that has ministry for helping people like me. He send me to dectox 21 days. Thank God had something different for me! They sent me to Home of Nazarene in Opa-locka, FL. I got there thinking on working, do my time there and go back to Puerto Rico. But that wasn't God purpose. After about 2 months into the program i believe God told to me and ask me what i was doing in his house school of discipleship. That he got a lot of blessings for me. All I need to do was to shut up and listen be obedient and summit to everything they told me. I applied my self to all the classes reading the Bible asking questions and praying. Home of Nazarene has taught me that I will not always be an addict. That I am a new creation in Christ. Today I am a graduate and Sr. staff member at the Home of Nazarene. God has bless me